What you often ask

Take a piece of paper and wrap it around your finger. Where the paper intersects, make two lines. Attention! The size you measure must go over the knuckle of your finger. Unroll the paper and use a ruler to measure the resulting dimension.

When ordering a ring, just give me the resulting number. It is best to take a picture of the dimension and send me a photo to include with your order for a more accurate and confident measurement.

If the jewelry is made purely of resin, there is no need to treat it in any way. In the case of jewelry made of wood, or a combination of resin and wood, a little care is advisable once in a while. Therefore, I offer to re-treat my jewelry as necessary. Not everyone can have the finish I use at home due to cost and unnecessary excess.

What I don't recommend

  • Swimming with jewelry in a pool or unnecessary exposure to water. However, it will survive any rain.
  • In the event of getting it wet, whether in water or in rain, then clean it as soon as possible and dry it with a clean cloth
  • Be sure to remove the jewelry when working with tools, playing sports, and heavy exertion

For one treatment of the jewellery the price is: 500 CZK.

Yes, it is. Furthermore, it is up to you what you choose for colour, material and the like. Combinations or shapes can also be different. The possibilities are almost limitless. Everything is by appointment.