Custom production

I make jewellery and pens to order by individual agreement with the customer. If you are interested in a particular piece of jewellery or pen on the internet, on my social networks or in my e-shop where it has already been sold out, I can produce a similar piece for you. In case you have another specific idea, I am able to make jewelry and pens exactly according to your idea.

You are free to choose the gemstone and material you want to make your jewelry or pen from. I am able to supply jewellery and pens in different quantities for my customers. In case you would like to make one type of jewel or one type of pen in multiple pieces, you need to allow for slight differences.

Price range

The price depends mainly on the material chosen and the difficulty of production. For example, a precious stone can be purchased within the units of thousands of crowns, but it can also cost half a million crowns or more. A more affordable variant of jewellery is with the use of resin. It is a cheaper option, which, however, does not mean cheap. The feedback I get from my customers is that people often ask them what kind of fashion accessory they have, that they have never seen it anywhere in their lives. I always consult with my customers on the choice of material.

My customers include people who want to differentiate themselves from others, as my jewelry colors and designs are not common in jewelry stores. I am also approached by customers who want to make jewelry as a gift for their loved ones or for upcoming events, such as proposing to their partner or a wedding. If agreed, I am able to deliver the jewellery in gift wrapping.

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How it works

For a bespoke production please call or email me with your ideas. Based on your requirements, I will show you different options for making a jewel or pen that fits your parameters and criteria. All necessary information, including individual prices, will be provided when presenting the different options for your full decision.

Once you have agreed on your chosen option, the production of the jewellery or pen begins. The production time is on average 5-7 weeks (also depends on the availability of the material or the chosen item you want to produce).

In every step of our joint negotiations, you will always be aware of everything in advance.

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