About me

I have been making jewellery and pens for several years. In my portfolio you will find watches, rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and pens.

I make jewellery and pens from wood, resin, metal and precious stones. Each piece is made with care and love. During the production process I make sure that each piece of jewelry is thoroughly machined, shaped and polished to the perfect shape. As the last stage, it is infused with a finish for a perfect look and long lasting durability.

I love fulfilling customer requests and am delighted when they are happy with the result. That's why my work is so fulfilling and fun for me as well.

My passion and job description

The jewellery and pens I make in my workshop are created with great passion. I try to be as creative as possible with each piece. A person like me, who loves colors, gets incredibly "won over" with this work, which is why the combinations I create are endless. The colors can be combined endlessly and that's what's perfect about it. If you have a wish, I would be happy to help you realize it and make it.

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Originality is only one

Every piece of jewelry or pen I make is original in its own way, and you will see the signs of my handiwork and love of the craft. I care about meticulous workmanship and thoroughly check the quality of my jewellery. If you would like to make customized jewelry, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will design a unique design according to your ideas, according to which I will make your original jewelry.

Every piece is original, whether it is a person or thing.

Dominik Fanta, handmade jewellery and pens

My story

I graduated from an arts and crafts school in woodworking (artistic woodworker). After school, my enthusiasm for woodworking temporarily left me, but and life still led me back. The year I graduated, I first saw working with resin and wood on the internet and was hugely intrigued. I can't explain to anyone what happened to me at that moment, but the very first opportunity I had to get a piece of board and buy my first resin, I did it and wanted to do it and work with it endlessly. Not to mention the fact that the cutting board was not at all ideal for use and at that time, neither was the resin. But the cutting board is still in my house to this day.

I've always tended to make miniature things that will be valuable. I find detail work incredibly fun and fulfilling, whether it's jewelry, pens, or a watch, for example. I'm grateful for the whole journey, even though it was often nerve-wracking in the beginning, failed attempts at trying new ways of making. There have been a lot of blind alleys, but I'm glad for it. Thanks to this, I learned to work on my own, got practice and valuable knowledge in this field.

I am constantly pushing myself further in my production. I am thrilled when people like and enjoy the jewelry and pens.

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